The behaviors that drive Central Packaging are built into the DNA of our team. We set a very high standard for every person we hire and how we act, how we treat people, our commitment to customer service is something that is ingrained into our company culture.

Central Packaging’s 10 Core Values are as follows:

1. BE NICE – If you know nothing about anything, you can always be nice.

2. COMMUNICATE – In order to make real progress on what we do, we must be able to talk to one another openly.

3. FOLLOW UP – Even if you don’t have THE answer, you can always let people know where you are at in the process.

4. CHARACTER – Who you are in your day-to-day life aligns perfectly with you who are when no one is watching.

5. WORK ETHIC – The effort and commitment you put into your work to get the job done no matter what it takes.

6. TALENT – It’s more than what you know…it’s what you’re willing to learn.

7. INTEGRITY – How you’re built. The DNA that enables you to do the right thing…every time. In addition, if you make a mistake, you own up to it…and you fix it.

8. ACCOUNTABILITY – Being responsible for the work that you do, not only to your customers, but to yourself.

9. RESPECT – In yourself. In your work. In your relationships with other people. In everything you do.

10. TEAMWORK – Putting all of the 9 points above together and working toward a common vision.

Central Packaging - Our Team 2018